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Hi, I'm a new mom, my Jack was born las week, on September 2, 2006, at 27 weeks. I had undiagnosed preeclampsia that blossomed into eclampsia last weekend. All Friday night I vomited, unable to keep down even water. By Saturday morning, I called the doctor to meet her at the hospital where she was doing rounds. I started going blind between the time I talked to the doctor and when my mom came to pick me up. We got to the hospital and I was completely blind, and I went into seizures. Luckily they stabilized me in time, so that I was able to be there mentally for the birth of my son. He weighs 2 pounds, 3.55 oz, and is doing really well. They've discovered him to have a pda, but medicine is helping to close the hole. Unfortunately, there's not really an end in sight for being able to take him home -- they're looking at somewhere around his due date, which was late November. But he's pretty well for how small he is -- they've already taken him off the ventilator.

I guess that's all for now... sorry for the babbling!
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Congratulations on your little miracle. Thank you for sharing your story, wow, it must have been scary.
One thing I remember was, try not to focus on him giong home, focus on raising him as much as you can, caring for him as if he was in your home as much as you can. It will help with the sterile hospital issue.
Ill be praying for the best for both of you..

thank you so much! It was pretty scary, although more in looking back. I scared my husband and mother terribly, though, with the seizures and such. I'm trying to help with his care-- learning how to comfort him while they do their procedures, doing kangaroo care... I adore this boy so much, I soak up my time with him. Thank you for your prayers, they're much appreciated!